Crescent Moon Anklet

Pura Vida

$ 15.00 

Let your inner beauty shine as you bask in the wonders of nature while donning the Crescent Moon Anklet from Pura Vida!

This stylish accessory boasts a versatile yet chic design that's perfect for round-the-clock wear. It is crafted with a dainty brand charm engraved with "P", marking its authenticity and serving as Pura Vida's reminder to live the "Pure Life". Embellished with a lovely centerpiece, it instantly adds sass to any ensemble.

Designed to complement any outfit, this anklet's minimalist style looks good on its own and striking when paired with other ankle accessories. Wear it while hustling on the city or while vacationing in the isles and turn a simple getup into a gorgeous statement look!

Live freely and embrace the Pure Life with Pura Vida.